Accelerate Enterprise Applications and Reduce Costs

Simple, Fast, Affordable High Performance NVMe Storage Platform


The All-Flash Storage Array Your CFO Would Design.

Easily reduce your expensive technology footprint, increase your security, lower your energy usage and cut out the maintenance downtime, while solving your client's business challenges for years to come—all at a price that makes the decision easy for everyone.

Optimizes Storage by Eliminating Duplicate Data

Uses only 1/4 the processing and memory of competitors’ systems

Reduces Drive Replacement

Innovative software engineering protects data and drives

Easy-to-Use Management

Simplified, customizable, multi-system management and metrics

Affordability  |  Simplicity  |  Availability  |  Performance

With the QV2020, experience fast application response time, reduced run time, and superior application resiliency that’s affordable, easy-to-deploy, and able to flex with your operational needs.

  • 100% Performance even at 100% Capacity

  • Faster, Safer, and Smarter

  • Seamless User Experience

High-Performance Desktop Virtualization (VDI)

Increase organizational productivity with high-quality, low-cost virtual desktop technology that supports thousands of users with a fast-booting, fully loaded experience every single time.

Easy and Effective Server

More density with less space — get efficient storage able to support thousands of machines on minimal racks, running fast, cool and quiet no matter the usage level.

Data Warehousing, BI and
Predictive Analytics

Double your active users while maximizing your extraction, transfer and load times and drastically reducing wall-clock query response times. Plus, add statistical analysis and predictive analytics while changing nothing but your existing storage infrastructure.

Simplified Database Processing

Save money while eliminating rack upon rack of power-hungry, underperforming enterprise storage and upgrading to a single Intelligent Storage Element capable of supporting a multitude of units with sub-second transaction response times.

Easy and Effective Server Virtualization

Underpin your Big Data environments with ultra-high performance, high-reliability storage infrastructure that scales out, or scales up, as your applications require.

Cloud Infrastructure

Scale up or down on demand. Our cloud infrastructure reflects elasticity, multi-tenancy, simple management & reporting.




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