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About Us

2021 marks an important year in this decade, it is the first year of business to be resumed normal after the Covid incident. It is also the year of exponential growth of e-commerce as well as adoption of hybrid WFH work mode for most enterprises. And, more importantly, it is also the year of AI-powered business analytics starting to be infusd into daily applications, in order to help managers at all levels to have a better decision making tool. This drives us to focus on meeting this new generation of business data analytics needs, as well as delivering the infrastructure to support it.

Bit By Bit Ltd was found in 2008 with a mission to source best of breed IT products and solutions to distribute in Greater China region (Hong Kong, Macau, mainland China and Taiwan). Bit by Bit has been proven in working with vendors in their early infant stage and build a successful business together. Bit by Bit provides end to end services to our partners and customers, from pre-sales consultancy services, implementation services to after sales support services. Bit by Bit believes in win-win cooperation with partners based on a mutual trust and integrity philosophy.


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